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Ear Candy | Preferred Podcasts

  • 43 Folders Podcast
    Merlin Mann is consistently witty, insightful and entertaining - no mean feat - in his short but substantive podcasts on productivity. These are perfect snacks to feed your appetite for efficiency.
  • Harvard Business Review IdeaCast
    This is as good as you would expect a podcast would be coming from HBR. The production values and professionalism are first rate, as are the guests on each show.

Pop Philosophy Preferred

  • Tim Ferriss
    I love Tim's concepts of 'lifestyle design' and 'going on a media diet'. His advice and hacks on how to simplify your life are a welcome respite to our hyper-mediated world.
  • Thomas Friedman
    The Walter Lippmann of this generation. Whether you agree with his views or not, he is the most influential pundit today on the two issues that matters most in the modern world: globalization and the Middle East.
  • SHardy, Creative Generalist
    A genuinely inter-disciplinary intellectual - in the most positive sense of the term.
  • Merlin Mann
    One of the first - and best - Life Hackers out there.
  • Mark Cuban
    This Internet business pioneer and owner of the Dallas Mavericks also happens to be one of the most original - and outspoken - thinkers in media and technology today.
  • Malcolm Gladwell
    Gladwell practically invented the entire category of books that I devour with his seminal work, The Tipping Point.
  • Jon Kay
    He will come to be known someday as Canada's George Will. In the meantime, he influences friends and foes alike from his perch as Comments Editor at The National Post.
  • Fareed Zakaria
    Anyone who has watched 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' (c'mon, you know you want to admit it!) has seen Zakaria consistently demonstrate his lucidity, eloquence and coherent world view. Not many people can go toe-to-toe with George Will and emerge unscathed, but he does it every week. Oh, in his spare time he is the Editor of Newsweek International, too ...
  • David Brooks
    Today's most trenchant social and political analyst.

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